Technology in the twentieth century has really taken off and computers and macs  have continued to drive it. There are many people that couple be considered great computer minds, however, there are only a few that really changed the direction the technological world has gone.

One of the first names that comes to mind with computers is Apple, and that is partially due to Stephen Wozniak. While Steve Jobs definitely marketed Apple and got it on the map, Wozniak invented both Apple I and Apple II by himself. Wozniak is known to many as The Woz and he invented the computer in 1976.

Another big name in the computer world is Bill Gates, with Microsoft. He is known for being the wealthiest people alive; however, he has also been in the news for his business tactics. All of that aside, he is still revered as helping revolutionize the computer world and did not leave Microsoft until 2008.

When discussing great computer minds, Vinton “Vint” Cerf cannot be left out. He is a computer scientist that has been recognized as one of the “fathers” of the Internet. He, and Bob Kahn, worked on ARPANet while at UCLA. Cerf also worked for IBM for a few years. What Kahn and Cerf are known for, however, is inventing Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. These are commonly known as TCP and IP, which is how the internet communicates.

Cerf, Kahn, Wozniak, Jobs, and Gates are the five greatest computer minds in the twentieth century. Even though Jobs specialized in marketing computers and technology, he should not be looked over. Without a good market scheme, people are leery to try new things. Cerf, Kahn, and Wozniak may be recognized as the reason computers have made it to where they are today. Without the internet and computers, technology may have gone stagnant.